Shipping charges are credited back to your business on late deliveries

Solution optimizes shipper management, reduces shipping costs, and improves your business profitability.

Are You Still Paying When Your Shipments Are Late?

Did you know that if your shipments are late you are eligible for a shipping refund? streamlines the shipping cost refund claim process for FedEx & UPS deliveries nationwide.

What We Do

We provide businesses with comprehensive refund recovery for late parcel deliveries. Our solution will automatically recover refunds weekly for all late deliveries, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the carriers.

All late delivery refunds are credited directly to your FedEx and UPS accounts. Each delivery listed on your weekly report matches up to the adjustments on your carrier's invoices. 

Once we present a credit, you can confirm it through your carrier invoices, our executive summary reports, and 24/7 online access to our cloud platform. We do not handle or manage your money, but we can help ensure that you are credited for all carrier invoices.


24/7 Online Access

We not only offer weekly shipping activity report audits, but also provide 24/7 online access to the most advanced market technology for analytics. This provides increased operational efficiency and the potential for additional savings for your business.

The tools and resources we provide can help you:

  • Identify Credits to Your Carrier Account(s)
  • Void Credits
  • View Refunds Listed by Carrier Account(s)
  • Provide Logistic Controls and Claims Management
  • View Service Type Breakdown
  • Improve Package Management
  • Improve Cost Management
  • Identify Address Corrections
  • Obtain Customs and Weather Delay Notices
  • View Integrated Carrier Exception Report
  • Access Advanced Technology and Security

Turn Late Deliveries Into Profit

 Every day you are losing refunds. If you are not submitting your late delivery refund claims, we’ve got you covered. Register today before your unclaimed late delivery refunds expire.

Who We Are

Since 2011, Yellowshake LLC has been providing technology solutions and cost reduction services to businesses nationwide. To further its quest, was established by Yellowshake LLC to help businesses reduce their shipping costs and increase shipping carrier service and performance standards.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide solutions that enhance productivity, reduce costs, and simplify operations for our clients.

Exemplifying Industry Expertise

We know that you will have unclaimed refunds if your business ships with FedEx and UPS on a regular basis. To put it simply, we’ll get you the late delivery refunds you deserve and increase your profitability by directly reducing your shipping costs.

Innovating Solutions

Our cloud-based service perfectly represents the benefits of connecting technologies with a specific design purpose. These benefits include simplifying operations, reducing costs, and increasing productivity and performance.

Need Better Shipping Rates? Let Us Help!

Get your No Risk, Rate Analysis to evaluate your current carrier contracts and identify savings opportunities without changing your
shipping operations. Get Best-in-Class Shipping on all parcel, LTL, FTL, Ocean and Airfreight shipping.

Efficient Services

We will track and process all your late deliveries for you and recover your shipping cost (credited on your shipping carrier bill) so you can have peace of mind.

You can substantially reduce your shipping spend when you sign up with our Late Delivery Refund service. The average late delivery shipping percentages range from:

  • 1%-3% — Ground
  • 3%-7% — Air
  • 5%-10% — International

See What Clients Say About Us

" has been a big help to all 5 of our locations. In our extremely busy work environment, we just don't have enough time to track our volume of packages, and therefore have missed out on tons of reasonable credits. Since we signed up with LateDeliveryRefund .com, we have seen a tremendous difference in our favor."

Christa B., Healthcare Client

"Working with is the equivalent to making free money. Prior to using their service, we only saw money back from FedEx and UPS if a client informed us that their package was late. Now, if a package is even a few minutes late, we are refunded that money automatically and the best part is, our Customer Service team didn’t have to waste their time on the phone requesting it. It’s effortless! Kudos to!"

Kim G., Printing and Production Technology Client

"Using is a no-brainer if you want to recover money that is owed to you without lifting a finger."

Michael K., Pharma Client

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