We Will Get Your Refunds And Increase Your Profit

We offer the following promises to you..

No sign-up fee
No changes to your shipping processes when signing up to service
No software to install with our cloud-based solution
No lengthy contract as this service is month to month
No Risk. Sign up today and start receiving refunds. Our fee is a percentage of the shipping refund amount we recover for you. If we don’t get your money back we don’t get paid.

Sign up and Enter your FedEx.com and/or UPS.com website credentials.

We automatically inspect and audit your shipments against the carriers’ guaranteed time commitments and confirm your invoices are billed correctly

We file the claims on your behalf for all late packages in accordance with the terms and conditions of the carriers.

We make certain that FedEx & UPS issues you a 100% refund of your shipping cost for each late package pertaining to the terms and conditions of their money-back guarantee policies. All refunds come directly from the carrier into your shipping accounts… YOU’RE WELCOME!

Immediate Savings improve your bottom line • No sign-up fee • No software to install • No risk • If we don't get your money back, we don't get paid • FedEx & UPS refunds start immediately

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