Nationwide FedEx / UPS Late Delivery Refund Service

Your FedEx and UPS Late Delivery Refund Service

Businesses commonly opt to ship their products through FedEx and UPS, two of the most reliable domestic and international inbound and outbound shipping services. But sometimes your shipments don’t arrive on time.

Yellowshake wants your business to understand that if your shipments don’t arrive on time, then you are owed a refund — which is where we come in. Our FedEx and UPS late delivery refund service recovers your shipping cost and gets you deserve without increasing your labor.

Receive the Refunds You Deserve

The fact is that if you ship with FedEx and UPS and aren’t filing for refunds, you are leaving money on the table. Because the shipment monitoring and claim filing process is daunting or is not feasible to do on your own, businesses are choosing Yellowshake to do this form them by easily signing up at

You’ll see the benefits of working with Yellowshake when you understand these things about our service:

  • Sign-ups are fast, simple, and free. Sign up your business for services in less than two minutes without complicated forms or sign-up fees.
  • Contracts are month-to-month. Service with Yellowshake comes on a month-to-month basis, so you can get your refunds for as long as you want and cancel when you want.
  • Service is contingency-based. In short, if you don’t get a refund, you won’t receive an invoice from Yellowshake.

Get started with our FedEx and UPS late delivery refund service and start seeing results. Learn more about our process or sign up today.

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